UK49s Teatime Results For Today 15 December 2021

By | December 14, 2021

Lottery name: UK49s Teatime

UK49s Teatime takes place every day, including weekends.

This event takes place at 16:49 pm (UK time). Additionally, we provide UK49s teatime results.

Teatime Results For Today 15 December 2021 


Booster: 06

Lunchtime Results For Today 15 December 2021: Have you checked them out? You can check the results of lunchtime for today as well as teatime.

As you are reading lunchtime results for today, you must go to today’s results to see monthly results.

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UK49’s teatime

How to play UK49s Teatime

Simply choose how many numbers you would like to play (maximum six, between 1 and 49) and how much you want to wager, then put your bet in.

During each draw, six balls are randomly selected, followed by an additional number known as the booster. Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 are the different options, and your goal is to match all of your chosen numbers to the ones drawn.


UK49 Teatime Rules:. Since there is no fixed stake, the amount you win depends on how much you wager and how many numbers you bet on. Payouts tend to differ between bookmakers, but in general, you can win more money when you wager more.

Each bookmaker will also set its own maximum bet (and pay out) limit. Before playing, you should review the rules laid out by the bookmaker, as they may vary between different operster.

You can only win if you match all of the numbers that you chose – there is no prize for choosing four numbers and matching only three of them. Matching all four is the key to winning.


The odds of winning depend on whether you play the ‘6 Number Draw’ or the ‘7 Number Draw’. The ‘7 Number Draw’ includes the Booster Ball, giving you an extra chance to match one of your numbers, whereas the ‘6 Number Draw’ only includes the six main numbers.

You can enter right up to the game’s official start time and can either choose your own numbers or opt for a Lucky Dip. You can also choose how many days you want to play for (maximum of seven consecutive days).Whether you choose the ‘6 Number Draw’ or the ‘7 Number Draw’ will determine your chances of winning.

If you win, you will be paid oWhether you choose the ‘6 Number Draw’ or the ‘7 Number Draw’ will determine your chances of winning.ut in accordance with the individual bookmaker’s prize rules, which will be based on the odds and the size of your stake.

Some history: The UK 49’s lunchtime lottery is part of the bigger UK49s lottery, that launched in the early 1990’s, shortly after the UK National Lottery. The aim of the UK49’s was to create a similar lottery style draw game, but with a gambling/casino style program, as opposed to a domestic state lottery.

There are two different draws, that take place every day – the lunchtime draw happens at 12:49pm (UK time) and the teatime draw at 16:49 (UK time). Both draws are streamed live throughout UK in participating betting shops and online.

Past winners: Quite a few but the winnings have not been significant.

UK49s Teatime Prediction

See the latest Hot Balls and Cold Balls from the UK 49s teatime (also called UK 49s Evening), and use them to make predictions on the next UK 49 teatime draw. The UK Teatime draw takes place every day at 18:30.

LINKS: The latest UK Lunchtime Predictions 11 September 2021 and get the latest results on a daily basis from betting shops as they announce their official result.

There are a lot of people who want to know what the next draw is or the lunchtime confirmation number. There is only one way to increase the chances of winning by using hot and cold numbers.

What are the hot and cold numbers and can we really use them to guide our decisions? Those numbers that are most frequently nominated are called hot and cold numbers. The players can follow the hot and cold numbers to get a feel for the upcoming numbers.

The upcoming Lunchtime Numbers can be found in the Hot and Cold numbers. According to the official website, these numbers are updated after every draw. Hold and cold numbers play an important role in predicting the upcoming numbers.

Disclaimer: Our website has no affiliation or concern with any other website. Contact a service that will help you. Check the tickets at the outlet for the UK Lunchtime result. Missing the date and draw time will not be acceptable, so it’s up to you.

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